Monday, May 9, 2016

How to make the best communication about Dynamic Showcase ?

This is my day question, how to make communication uppon a open source project hosted by GitHub ? Is the communication on GitHub efficient ?

At this moment I would say no ! Since I put my project on Git Hub's repositories, I search in vain the sentence : "WebApp Dynamic ShowCase" on Internet wich is the project's tittle but it never appear on my search engine's first page !

This project's front page :

Project's front page on GitHub
will never be referenced ?

May be it's too early, the web site "" is still not referenced...

Well, this answer does not satisfy me.

Trafic on GitHub

I'm looking to the trafic's tab on GitHub :

Trafic for Web App Showcase on GitHub

It looks like I am alone intressted in this project... snif !

Monday, May 2, 2016

Creation of this blog about Dynamic Showcase

I want to tell all around that this software is now an open-source project available on GitHub Repositories :

SoDeLog's Dynamic Showcase on GitHub

Here you can see an image of the front page of Dynamic Online Showcase.

This blog will talk about this project annoucements.

Stay tunned